Oh yeah.. Picked this package less than an hour ago from the post office. Was waiting for this “treasure” package to arrive and today was the day of arriving. And from following pictures you can see how it turned out to be.

Package itself

Oh, four records packaged in the mailer like this (crucifix-mailer, the ones I so sincerely love). I can see bumped corners here..


Yes.. secured shipment with one carton stiffener. Shipping cost  definitely forth $37.00 and more to come…

corners part 01

And surprisingly we got bumps on every cover.. and that’s not all. We got bumps on every damn corner!

Nice. I bought these from Discogs, added a note about packaging via Paypal (those usual corner protecting & records outside the cover things..) and hoped for the best and this is what I got. Two of the records were also shrinkwrapped, sealed. Damn.. And it’s useless to send these back because that would cost me around 36.00 euros. Fuck.


Because I have no interest of keeping these (that nihilist I am with damaged covers), I would be glad to get these out of my hands. You just pay shipping costs and these are yours!

Juv – Juv (2xLP), Mika Vainio – Life (… It Eats You Up) (2xLP), Noveller – Desert Fires (LP), Steven R. Smith – Cities (LP)

Vinyls are most likely in mint condition, cover conditions are shown in the pictures above.So, if you are interested just drop me a mail (via contact page). Oh, and I promise to package these different way :)

5 thoughts on “Isn’t it amazing… da-da-da-da-maged.. (UPDATED)

  1. Id love the Noveller. If it is not gone please send me a paypal invoice for the shipping. Cheers!

    And oh yes, please ship the record outside the cover… @hums@

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