Been a while again but here I am with a brand new list. Maybe you can find something interesting from this list too.


ELEPHANT9 WITH REINE FISKE: Silver Mountain 2xLP (ltd. 150 copies on white vinyl)
Rune Grammofon
NOK249.00 (+ shipping)
Nice one, crossover jazzz..

WEEDPECKER – II LP (100 copies on opaque white wax)
Pink Tank Records
€20.00 (+shipping)
hmm.. stoner straight from Poland.. yeah!

SWEAT LODGE – Talismana (tri-colored “Spirit Warrior” edition, limited to 100 copies)
Ripple Music
$30.00 (+ shipping)
Heavy-hitting hard rock and hey, their debut album!!

PRURIENT – Frozen Niagara Falls 3xLP (White)
Profound Lore Records
CAD from $40.99 to $67.99 (depends where you live, shipping included)
I thought that there was only black version of this colossal 3xLP but suddenly this white colored has popped up from somewhere..

BEDROOM REHAB CORPORATION – Fortune Some 12″ EP (colored)
$15.00 (+ shipping)
“When all you’ve got is a Hammer It becomes all you need ..”

Ba Da Bing Records
$16.00 (+ shipping)
Folk, experimental kind and what a picture on the cover.. :D

SPELLJAMMER – Ancient of Days LP (various versions available)
Riding Easy Records
from $15.00 up to $65.00 (+ shipping)
And more stoner, this time from Sweden!

XISCO ROJO – You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley LP
€12.00 (+ shipping)
Excellent reminder how guitar should be treated!

HOPE DRONE – Cloak Of Ash 2xLP (Relapse 25th Anniversary Silver)
$24.99 (+ shipping)
then we have this one I couldn’t pass by.. experimental black metal..

from $20.00 up to $45.00 (+ shipping)
Beautiful, even though there’s only one song free to listen on their bandcamp site, some kind of dreamy folk or something..

 It’s tennis time!

dead tennis

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