Abysssss… is calling.. Chelsea with her latest release and like before, I’m sold. Crushing & haunting is this double album. Stellar one. Mysterious is this artist & her music. Can’t help myself but somehow this artist reminds me of another awesome musician, Polly Jean.  Excellent album, once again. Available from Sargent House (EU) and those who live in states can easily order their copies from Sargent’s HelloMerch store. If I have understand this right, there are three different color variation available via Sargent House; black, baby blue (this one) and black with light blue splatter (sold out). All these three color variations are limited to 1000 copies but if you’re after something more limited, I suggest you to visit Newbury Comics (they have this exclusive version, black with grey splatter and it’s limited to 400 copies..)

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