Yesterday I got this one too.. this time on clear vinyl!

And here’s what I said about this release few posts earlier:
I’ve been staring at this monitor now for a while, I just don’t know what to write. I’m just listening.. It started with “The Crystal World” five years ago, listening. This band has been one of my favorite since. And because I’m not a critic nor musically talented I have no fancy words to describe this release and the music on it. In my own words; if you buy only one record this year, buy this one. Absolutely beautiful album embraced by darkness.. Stunning mixture of ambient (darkened), noise, experimental, blackened metal and so much more. This beauty/beast is limited to 250 copies on this silver-colored vinyl and 850 copies on electric blue wax. Of course there are also those 100 copies on clear vinyl but those are not available to purchase. This is all we need, this infinite dissolution. Amen.


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