Oh, what a pleasant day.. It has been nearly two and half weeks since I have received any record but today this miracle happened (in form of three LP’s and one double seven-inch) . This one is Spurv’s debut album “Skarntyde” and I have been listening this a lot lately (digital copy of the album). Last few weeks have been very hard for me (more about that lately) and this album has brought some sparks of light to these darkened days. This is just what I love about instrumental post-rocking melodies, beautiful & longing tunes. Great album indeed, reminds me a lot of that certain japanese band.. and that’s a compliment. Still available via their BandCamp page and I can’t do nothing but recommend this one!

2 thoughts on “Spurv: Skarntyde LP

  1. Hope you’re doing well! Your recommandations are always interesting although my musical background is not that similar to yours.
    The album of Spurv sounds fantastic… The certain japanese band is: Mono?
    Kind regards, Tammo.

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