Hey, seriously.. this must be (american) black metal at its best! Considering the fact that members of this duo are better known from their other projects.. Ash Borer, Fell Voices, Vorde, Predatory Light, Sleepwalker etc. this album.. is pure gold to my old ( and hairy) ears. Goes perfectly with this dark & hazy autumn days. Never got a chance to order this album from Psychic Violence, shipping cost to Europe are way too high nowadays and you really have to think twice are you ready to pay $22 for shipping when record itself cost less than that.. But this time I got lucky and managed to purchase this via Profound Lore and got this way much cheaper. I do not know about limitation but according to discogs this colored one is limited to 150 copies.. who knows. Colored versions are sold out but you still can get your hands on regular (black) versions via Psychic Violence or Profound Lore. Stunning art of blackened metal!

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