Got this latest from Windhand few days ago. I totally missed this record when preorders came available and honestly I was pissed. Few years back I managed to purchase their album “Soma” and was lucky enough to grab that deep purple (patch included & limited to 100 copies) version and was totally blown out how good it was. I knew that within few weeks this latest will pop up for sale on Discogs and so it does. I got this baby blue (ltd. 100) version with quite reasonable prize tag on but as I checked Discogs today, there are more cheaper copies available now.. But the most important issue is that I have the album now & the version I was after. Windhand plays doom metal (or something like that) if you did not already know. Love these saddened, crushing soundscapes this band is offering here and that voice of Dorthia Cotrell.. I’m sold (actually I have been since that previous album I purchased back then). Amazing band, outstanding record still available from Relapse. If you are not that big fan of doomed metal I suggest you to check out Dorthia’s solo album released by Forcefield Records. Doooooooooooommm!!

One thought on “Windhand: Grief’s Infernal Flower 2xLP (baby blue)

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