For now this will be my last so-called “weekly list” here on this blog (been too lazy writing down all interesting records & bands) but do not worry I’ll continue this list on facebook, yes you read it right, Vinyl Diaries can now be found from that source too. Have to admit that linking interesting records & bands is much easier on that platform. Just go check it out if you are interested.. But hey, this blog will keep on going. Just adding here those records I have managed to purchase :) 

CHRIS TENZ – Nails Through Bird Feet 12″/7″/cassette (limited to 200 copies)
Slowank £15.00 (+ shipping)
Pure gold, experimental, lo-fi, ambient & folk.. YES!

GOLDMUND – Sometimes LP
Western Vinyl $19-35 (shipping included) will be available on January
well, not much to say about this one, I just gonna purchase this.

MONDO DRAG – The Occultation Of Light LP (test press, limited to 30 copies)
Riding Easy Records $40.00 (+shipping)
This is available right now!

FABRIZIO PATERLINI – Live in Bratislava 2xLP (limited to 300 copies)
BandCamp €30.00 (+ shipping)
Awesome pianist is this gentleman, buy his records

CONTACT FIELD ORCHESTRA – Mapping The Futures Gone By 10″ (ltd. 200)
Hit+Run Records $13.99 (+ shipping)
Haunting percussion, experimental, beauty

YURI GAGARIN – At The Center Of All Infinity LP
Motljud TBA
This should be available in the beginning of next week, Limited to 500 copies (most limited is on splattered vinyl and limited to 100 copies)
Beautiful instrumental space rock album from this Swedish group

BandCamp AUD $25.00 (+ shipping)
Quite nice sounding swamp/blues/garage/rock album from Australia.

RYAN BOLDT – Broadside Ballads LP
BandCamp CAD $25.00 (+ shipping)
Damn good sounding folk/country record..

LUBOMYR MELNYK – Rivers and Streams LP (clear)
Erased Tapes £21.99 (+ shipping)
And we know how this gentleman treats his instrument, awesome pianist.

PHIL COLLINS – My Heart’s In My Hand, And My Hand Is Pierced, And My Hand’s In The Bag, And The Bag Is Shut, And My Heart Is Caught 2xLP (colored)
Nero €30.00-45.00 (shipping included)
Very interesting collection of very interesting soundscapes..

CONAN – Revengeance LP (silver, limited to 200 copies)
Napalm Records €20.99 (+ shipping)
Hmm.. upcoming one from Conan.. pressed on silver-colored vinyl.. Orange/black splattered one seems also damn good (limited to 300 copies)


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