I know, I know.. Everybody knows this stoner/doom band, but I did not until I heard this one tune from their second full-length album and that’s the reason I bought it (blue marbled one even though there are more limited black colored version available). Actually I have known that this band exists but for some strange (unspeakable) reason I had never listened a single note until few weeks ago, surprisingly I was sold. There is this super-limited-box-set-version-including-some-awesome-stuff available from band’s BandCamp page, limited to 22 copies (at this moment 3 copies left) but the prize is way too expensive to me ($130.00 + shipping). Anyways, hell-damn-awesome-brilliant-stoner-doom band!! These more regular versions are available for example from Kozmik Artifacts (150 copies on black, 166 copies on blue marbled and 200 copies on transparent red vinyl). Buy this one!

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