doctor doom

Missed this one when it was released (STB stuff seems to sell out quite fast, maybe too fast) and reason for that was our little cat and health problems he faced earlier this autumn. Anyways, I had to skip this one and many other records that time. Few days ago I got this package from France and I was surprised that on address label of the package “Vinyl Diaries” was mentioned.. Opened the package and found this damn good “retro” rock album inside. Doctor Doom and their debut album “This Seed We Have Sown”. I do not know what have I done to deserve this, I have never asked any free stuff etc. it’s not the point I keep up this blog of mine. But like everyone else, I love getting some free stuff especially when it’s something I am missing. Thanks to Mr. Blomfield for sending this hard-hitting album and most humble thanks to SteveSTB because I know that he has something to do with this. Recommended album and you can still get your hands on this album via & All That Is Heavy (for example). Go and get a copy when you still can, yeah it’s that good!


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