Here it is, my list for year 2015. This is not a list of best records. this is a list of records I have been listening more than others during past year. Most of these are released in 2015 but there are some exceptions (released year before..).  Oh, by the way you should seriously check out this album (if you like some swamp-blues rock/garage) from La Mancha Negra, it is brilliant and I had to include it on this list even though I still do not have this on psychical format (purchased this via bandcamp while ago and been listening this a lot.. and I mean a lot).

But about that list of mine, here it is:


LIGHTSABRES ‎– Beheaded LP (STB Records. 2015)

carlos cipa

CARLOS CIPA – All Your Life You Walk 2xLP (Denovali Records. 2014)

bell witch

BELL WITCH – Four Phantoms 2xLP (Profound Lore Records. 2015)

dorthia cottrell

DORTHIA COTTRELL – s/t LP (Forcefield Records. 2015)

nest egg

NEST EGG – Respectable LP (Bathetic Records. 2015)


SPELLJAMMER – Ancient Of Days 12″ (RidingEasy Records. 2014)

taman shud

TAMAN SHUD – Viper Smoke LP (Trashmouth Records. 2015)

wolfmen of mars

WOLFMEN OF MARS – Gamisu LP (Poisoned Mind Records. 2015)

moon curse

MOON CURSE – Spirit Remains LP (Bilocation Records. 2015)

Hidden Rivers

HIDDEN RIVERS – Where Moss Grows LP (Serein. 2015)


DOPETHRONE – Hochelaga LP (Totem Cat Records. 2015)

no image02

NO IMAGE – Gold LP (Ván. 2015)

lubomir melnyk

LUBOMYR MELNYK – Rivers And Streams LP (Erased Tapes Records. 2015)

kathryn joseph

KATHRYN JOSEPH – Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled (Hits The Fan Records. 2015)


PISSGRAVE ‎– Suicide Euphoria LP (Profound Lore Records. 2015)

Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne

MARK ROGERS & MARY BYRNE – I Line My Days Along Your Weight LP (Important Records. 2014)


LOCRIAN – Infinite Dissolution LP (Relapse Records. 2015)


HALMA – Granular LP (Kapitän Platte. 2015)

drowning horse

DROWNING HORSE – Sheltering Sky 2xLP (Art As Catharsis Records. 2015)


RICHARD HOUGHTEN – Sonata De Grillo LP (Macroscopic Vibrations. 2015)

trappist afterland

TRAPPIST AFTERLAND – Aftrelander LP (Sunstone. 2015)


VANUM – Realm Of Sacrifice LP (Psychic Violence . 2015)


ILLUMININE ‎– # 1 LP (Zealrecords. 2015)

nathan amundson

NATHAN AMUNDSON ‎– Western Songs LP (13. 2015)


SPURV – Skarntyde LP (No Forevers. 2015)

the band whose

THE BAND WHOSE NAME IS A SYMBOL – Pathfinder LP (Birdman Sound Records. 2014)


CHRIS TENZ – Nails Through Bird Feet LP (+ 7″ & Cassette) (Slowwank. 2015)

anonymous bash

CHARLES HAYWARD ‎– Anonymous Bash LP (Samarbeta. 2014)

lucid sins

LUCID SINS – Occultation LP (Totem Car Records. 2015)


VILLAGES ‎– Procession Acts LP (Bathetic Records. 2015)

And one thing I have noticed along the way.. I have seen these kind of mailers used more & more.. (mailers with “buffer” zones) and that’s more than awesome!

pile of mailers



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