Here’s a total “Bad Ass” looking album (I just love this triple-gatefold cover)! Once again marvelous job from STB Records for putting out beast like this one. Oh, the band is Goya and this is their latest, Obelisk. This is heavy, stoner, it’s doomed and it will crush you.I like this record, actually I love it. When combining music itself to packaging like this, we are near perfectness! This copy of mine is one of those 100 die-hard copies and as you might know, these sold out within minutes. If you wanna blow your mind out of your cranium I suggest you to purchase a copy of this album for example from Kozmik Artifactz (EU & row) or straight from the source, STB Records. Recommended one, obviously!



2 thoughts on “Goya: Obelisk 2xLP (Die Hard edition)

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