Sunn O)))

Hahaa.. Here it is finally, Sunn O))) & Kannon. It took little longer to arrive because for some reason the package was returned back to Southern Lord by postal services but now it’s here. And this is my first contact with this band on vinyl format (years ago I had few compact discs from the band but didn’t have time to get familiar with the band… shame on me). These soundscapes.. oh, how in hell I have managed to skip this band? No words just because you all already know how outstanding this band is (lit just took me a little longer to realize). If I have understand it right, this opaque blue (EU version) is the most limited variant of this latest album (limited to 500 copies), just correct me if I’m totally wrong. Most limited colorways are surely sold out but I suggest you to check out this record if you haven’t already. Damn, I must be in drone heaven! Available from Southern Lord (US) & Southern Lord (EU)

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