These two albums came last week from Magnetic Eye Records. Usually I do not buy compilations, tribute albums etc. but with these two I just had to make an exception. I like both of these albums and records like these are quite easy way to check out new bands (yes, there are bands I have never hear about before). I know that there have been discussions on some forums about delay of this [Redux] version.. Hey, we all knew the release date (roughly) when we backed this release via Kickstarter. Another topic around this release have been about colorways of the vinyl.. Seems that some of the backers are disappointed that their copies are on black wax when there are more fancy colored version available via MER. And what do I think? I’m fine with my copy the way it is, I know in my heart that I have been helping to put out these awesome pieces of vinyl. By the way, music sounds better on pure black wax. Oh, I also love the artwork on both albums (especially on “Best of…”). Thanks to Magnetic Eye Records, this dude here is very gratified. Both albums (“Best of..” on black wax, [Redux] on three different colorways) are still available from MER. Recommended, surprisingly :)







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