It’s me here, whining again about my favorite subject. Packaging. Got this package few days ago containing three records from my so-called “wantlist”. When ordering records I add note like this to seller:

Could you please send this item vinyl (in inner sleeve) taken out of the cover, and please pay attention on securing those corners of the mailer.
Sincerely, xxxxxx xxxxxx (www.mugwumb.com)

I’m quite sure that I did this same thing with this order even though I can’t find any trace of it from order confirmation/receipt. In this case each record were shrinkwrapped and fortunately only one record had seam splits. Anyways, let’s concentrate to the packaging first. Mailer was.. well, you can see what it’s like from the picture, worst kind. If you look little closer you can see how nicely corners are smashed. In the next picture you can see what worried me more than those corners…


And this reflected straight to one record wich was inside..


Dent that is more like a hole and it goes through the cover. So here we have one badly damaged record in the eyes of collector, that’s 1/3 of the order. This is not all, in the next picture we can see other kind of damage (those usual ones).


Corner damage, and damages like this can be found from 2/3 of the order. Dents & dings could have been prevented using different kind of mailer, bubble-wrap, stiffeners etc. and that one seam-split could have been avoided by shipping vinyls & covers separated.


I contacted their customer service with few photos and result was £20 credit for the next order.. seriously, you have to be kidding (do they really think that I’m going to place another order after this?). I paid nearly €62 for these three records and only one of them was in condition I assumed all of them to be. Forget it!

Thanks, Juno!


3 thoughts on “Great example of lousy packaging etc..

  1. Where did you buy from so I know not to bother.
    If you ever buy from http://www.bleep.com I can assure you no such issues.

    First class mailers and service.

    £20 voucher (or even refund) does not iron out the seam splits, dings, dents and bumps- the worrying thing is these are people selling vinyl who should appreciate all this and the risks with mail

  2. Shameful and disappointing, especially the follow-up response. By the way reading your blog and seeing the horrors of what shoddy mail handling can do has taught me how to properly prepare records for shipping. As someone new to selling vinyl I thank you for your examples and advice!

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