This came earlier this week, Discogs purchase and didn’t cost that much. I came across with this artist few years ago and still I have way too many of his album on my wantlist (Steven has also released several records as Ulaan Markhor, Ulaan Khol & Ulaan Passerine). As all in his records the soundscapes on this mini-album is cinematic, abstract, experimental.. psychedelic, folk music from some parallel reality.. beautiful release. More. Please. Available for example from Greatest Hits Mailorder.

2 thoughts on “Steven R. Smith: Floor Of The Sky 12″ (single-sided mini album)

  1. Hey, you bought it from me! Hah, I follow your posts closely but never reflected it was you that bought it. Hope it all arrived safely – I had to do some creative use of tape to pack those seven inches…

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