oranssi pazazu - värähtelijä

“Yes, Oranssi Pazuzu is out of the old black metal box and lost—wonderfully, strangely—somewhere between heaven and hell”  -Grayson Haver Currin, Pitchfork.

Brilliant record from this Finnish group. Loved their previous record “Valonielu”, and this one takes us a step closer to the great unknown.. psychedelic darkened space rock/metal. And those lyrics.. I do not wanna even try to translate those to english.. This masterpiece was released on royal blue/orange crush (limited to 250 copies), magenta/halloween orange (limited to 250 copies), orange (limited to 350 copies) and on black vinyl. 20Buck Spin (US) still have black copies available & Record Shop X still seems to have orange & black copies available. Beauty!


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