teepee02Even though I have promised to myself that I wont buy any soundtracks.. now and then I just have to make some exceptions. I bought this from Poisoned Mind Records (only 4 copies sale for public) few weeks a go, soundtrack for some film I haven’t seen. But hey, I listened some tunes from this record and I got that feeling.. you know, I was forced to purchase this one. I just don’t know what it is with these soundtracks.. why in hell I choose this when there’s still 9 copies (at this very moment I’m writing this) of that awesome looking limited edition left..? Burden of a manic record collector. Anyways, once again great release from this little record company, Poisoned Mind Records. Go for this while there’s still copies left.

One thought on “The Demon’s Rook: Soundtrack LP (test press)

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