Hahaa.. got this latest (second full-length) from Voyag3r earlier this week. Horror/sci-fi/synthwave seems to be quite popular nowadays and here’s one of my favorite. I really liked Voyag3r’s debut album (Doom Fortress) and now it’s time to check out this new one. After few tunes I’m sold again..This is exactly what I was hoping for, synths/space/horror/80’s. Some may find music like this ridiculous but I don’t. There’s this certain nostalgic value hidden here beyond these sounscapes. This deluxe edition (on translucent blue vinyl, Bellyache Records exclusive) is limited to 300 copies including 3D art print & 3D glasses to stare that print. Still available from Bellyache Records (there’s also this less limited version on black vinyl available). Brilliant!

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