This latest full-length by Lightsabres came earlier this week from HeviSike Records. What can I say? This swedish artist puts out a new record every year and still I haven’t got enough of his dirty, hazy, lo-fi garage/stoner/punk/rock. This is his 4th album and I hope that he will keep these coming. Once a fan, always a fan. This deluxe version on “sea blue  transparent” vinyl is limited to 50 copies (including a hand-numbered art print). Then there are these two other versions, “sea blue transparent” limited to 150 copies (only difference to that DLX version is lack of art print..) and “coke bottle” clear limited to 300 copies. Coke bottle version still available from the artist’s BandCamp site or just head to HeviSike Records, choice is yours! Hell Yeah!!

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