Few days ago I got an email from Sunstone Records and there was a link to download Trappist Afterland’s newest album, God’s Good Earth for promotional purpose. Silently I was cursing myself why on earth I missed this one. Yesterday I got a note from the post office and picked up a package sent from UK. I was really amazed (and confused) to find out this beauty lurking inside..!? I still can’t remember ordering this & can’t find any receipt nor confirmation from my mail boxes. Hmm.. maybe they sent this by mistake :O

Amazing psyched folk recording this surely is and I’m way more than happy to include this to my collection. This is one of those records that you just have to experience by yourself. Even though I’m no one to say anything about this genre (folk or psyched folk or something..), one thing I can say, this is a brilliant record from this australian multi-instrumental artist. Sunstone Records sold this (limited to 150 copies on black wax) out within few days but you still can get your hands on this via artists BandCamp site (there’s 25 copies for sale). Beauty.


2 thoughts on “Trappist Afterland: God’s Good Earth LP

  1. Oh, Big Sparra Vinyl in Ayr, Scotland ( a record store) have them at £18 and not the £60 and upwards on discogs. Message them on Facebook for postage price.

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