This latest 10″ from Monolord came on Friday. Lately it has been very difficult to me justify my purchases from US just because of those shipping costs. This is Clearspot exclusive version, on red wax and limited to 100 copies. Happy with this one and saved some euros along the way. Oh, and about the record itself, well, just listen it by yourself. I have been a Monolord fan for some time so obviously I love this release. Grab a copy from Riding Easy Records (US), Shiny Beast (EU) or you can get your hands on that blue variable (limited also to 100 copies) via Arcade Sound (UK). Choice is yours.

Now I just wait here fingers crossed for my TP copy of Holy Serpent “Temples”.. Tracking shows that it’s located to Australia this moment.. and I live on the other side of the globe.. nice.



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