Picked this up yesterday from the post office on my way to work. Took the photo with some nice mushrooms and the test press of Holy Serpents upcoming album, Temples. I missed their debut album year ago just because I was out with the dog trying to make it shit. Anyways, managed to purchase this now and I’m quite happy with it (little sad that these Riding Easy TP’s are not that cool looking that they used to be). Actually this sounds damn good! It’s hazy, doomed, psychedelic stoner album. Thank god/lucifer that Riding Easy took this band under its wings and bringing this jewel called Holy Serpent into the light. Test pressing is limited to 30 copies (I just keep wondering why so much..) and sold out surprise, surprise. But hey, there’s plenty of different colored copies available to pre-order from the source, Riding Easy Records. Go!


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