Even though this wasn’t my day (you can check out from facebook why..) I’m still available to smile just because of this record. This is my first album by Subrosa (somehow I have managed to miss all previous ones.. can’t explain why) and even though I knew the release date and the time when this was available for pre-order, I still missed the most limited color variation. Okey, I tried to order a copy using my phone but couldn’t remember my PayPal password (changed it few days earlier) and the moment I got it right all those color mix versions were gone, just my luck. I’m starting to realize (finally) that the music is what matters, not the color of the vinyl ;D

I have listened this one trough couple of times now and come to the conclusion that I have to hunt down those previous releases too (luckily few previous ones have been reissued lately). As you can see I’ve been purchasing more and more reissues lately and the reason is simple, I can’t afford those Discogs/Ebay prizes anymore, few can.

Beautiful record this certainly is, and hey there are still regular black copies & clear (limited to 700 pieces) available for US, EU & ROTW customers via Profound Lore’s Merchtable store. Canadian customers are privileged to order this “cream with black splatter” variant via Profound’s official store though..


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