gagarin kombinaatti

Finally I “managed” to purchase this awesome compilation from Gagarin Kombinaatti. These tunes were recorded on tape back in 1983-85 and now (at last) we are able to hear these tracks from vinyl, thanks to Mika Vainio (Panasonic, Pan Sonic, Ø, Philus, Kentolevi.. etc.). And yes, Vainio plays drums & synths on this industrial, experimental group called Gagarin Kombinaatti. This record shows that there was very lively underground scene of experimental & industrial music in Finland back then, even though only few knew about it. As some of you may know, I’m a huge Pan(a)sonic & Vainio fan so this record was absolute-must-buy-item for me. Recommended if you like early industrial & experimental/electronics or if you are just a fan of Vainio’s material overall. Got my copy via Norman Records, they seems to have few copies left..


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