Woah! I just listened this album through and what a haunting beauty this is! This is the reason why I still keep on collecting records (even though I have been slowing down lately just because of that Terra Tenebrosa’s shipping fiasko few weeks ago). This double album arrived from Poland in sturdy mailer, in perfect condition. Stara Rzeka (as far as I know) is a one-man band of Polish Jakub Ziolek. He is blending different genres successfully in his music; ambient, drone, psychedelic, folklore, noise etc. One of those records you have to experience by yourself..  This awesome album is still available on regular black wax from the source, Instant Classics. Clear copies (like mine) were limited to 100 copies and unfortunately those are already gone. I suggest you to purchase this via BandCamp, because then you’ll get a digital copy along with the psychical one.



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