My long-lost love, Flying Saucer Attack. I had this album years and years ago, got it from a friend of mine who brought it from England. At that time I was totally blown away with Pixies, Shellac, The Jesus Lizard, Mazzy Star and many more. I loved this album, the only FSA album I have ever had (well, I still got some seven-inches though..). Oh, those blessed hazy years. Can’t remember when I sold my copy but I thought that I’ll buy it back sooner or later. It took about twenty years. I bought this copy via Discogs and happy that I did. One of the most beautiful records I have ever own. FSA’s music has been called “experimental space rock” and that could be the right characterization when talking about their music. Beauty this surely is and hey, this has been repressed on vinyl again. My copy is original one :)


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