The other week I got this awesome looking Goya twelve-inch released by one of my favourite labels, STB Records (from die-hard version to regular, all releases Steve has put out are pure quality). The band, Goya, is quite new to me but I have been purchasing their records lately for the reason, this is a badass group playing badass stoner. There’s still OBI version (ltd. 150) and “Not so Standard” version (ltd. 225) available from the source STB Records. Those who are after EU version can check out Kozmik Artifactz for copies. This Die Hard edition is limited to 135 hand-numbered units and came with pin, stickers & silk banner. Die Hard version sold out pretty quickly though.

Once again I felt lucky grabbing a Die Hard version until I checked out the vinyl..


There were two, very strangely shaped, obscure scratches on the surface of the A-side of the vinyl. I was like.. aargghh, can’t happen to me! With shaking hands I placed the vinyl on the turntable hoping the best, expecting the worst.. snap..snap.. There it was, that ruthless noise..

I knew that Steve from STB Records had nothing to do with this (those scratches could have been there since they pressed the disc on the plant), I just wanted to share my agony with some one and he was just the first person who came to my mind. Got answer from Steve quickly. He was understanding & sorry about the issue wanting to compensate my loss someway (and hey, I wasn’t after anything when I e-mailed him) even though he didn’t have any spare copies of this DH version.


Well, this package arrived last Friday, weighting nearly 2,8 kg!


Haa. extra cover of this Goya twelve-inch. I have noticed that Steve use to do this. I got Red Wizard’s cover included in my previous order. I have to admit that I like these, just because I could frame these and place them on the wall for example.


But under that extra cover I found this Die Hard version.. Hell Yeah! I tought that there were no replacement units left. Now I have to say that I’m much more than happy. I really did not expect this!


But that’s not all. Next I found this, Witchskull and their album “The Vast Electric Dark”. When this was available I was little low on money and I skipped the DH version thinking that I’ll purchase some other version in near future, for example from Kozmik Artifactz. Now I don’t have to. 2xHell Yeah!! Oh, this is “not so standard” edition (ltd. 165) and still available from the source. There’s also OBI version available.


And then, Lightsabres “Beheaded” LP on mustard yellow vinyl. This is a second press from this awesome release. I have DH version of this one but I’m happy to have a listening copy now! Available from STB Records, Kozmik Artifactz or straight from the artist. 3xHell Yeah!!


Yeah, that was not all. Then there was this latest from the Hornss, “Telepath”. This is a OBI version of the album, limited to 135 units. Even though I already have DH version of this album I’m really happy to own my first OBI release from STB Records. There’s various versions of this album still available from the source, STB Records. EU customers can easily pick a copy of this album from Kozmik. 4xHell Yeah!!


And yet again one awesome album! Ancients Warlocks Live album on yellow vinyl. Have to admit that I do not usually purchase “Live” albums but when I got one for free what can I say. This is a repress and limited to 150 copies. Available from STB Records & Kozmik Artifactz. 5xHell Yeah!! Oh, you should check out band’s previous release “II”, it’s still available from Kozmk.


And Then there was this, Crown Of Thornz “Mentally Vexed”. This has been released by STB Hardcore and I have never ever heard of this band before, until now. Damn I like this album, reminds me distantly of Cro-Mags.. This colorway is limited to 150 units and available from STB Hardcore. THIS IS GREAT! 6xHell Yeah!!!


Last but not least this (what seems to be “not so standard” version) orange-colored version of Goya’s album. This is still available (STB exclusive) from the source and EU customers can pick up regular black version from Kozmik Artifactz. 7xHell Yeah!!

Thank & Damn You Steve!! Never expect anything like this. I really, really appreciate this more than you know!!

One thought on “Goya: The Enemy 12″ (green with black splatter, DH) and what happened next..

  1. Bonkers! Ha! It’s as if Steve tried to compensate for ALL the shitty encounters you had with other labels in the past. Or you somehow participated in a secretly held raffle. Congratulations!

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