Few weeks ago Cascading Fragments tweeted that they are selling last lathes & cassettes for $1/pcs. Holy hell, purchased these immediately. Experimental drone, noise & dark soundscapes by Gorlen are way too difficult to explain. You have to hear these by yourself. I love these sounds and especially one of his aliases, Black Thread. More than happy with these releases but that was not all.. there was few extra items included..

corlen02I got also Summer Tape (that green cassette) and.. Black Thread’s seven-inch lathe-cut called “Remorse”.. Aargghh, and I thought that one was sold out long time ago! I really appreciate this, man! Now I have a little collection of most interesting noise releases there are (in my opinion). Still I’m going to hunt down every physical releases Sifting Through Shards & Cascading Fragments has ever put out (which might be quite difficult mission though..)


Just listen..


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