F*ck/Hell/Yes, this beauty/beast by Merlin arrived from Poisoned Mind Records few days ago. This release is pure gold, that’s all. I love their debut vinyl release, Christ Killer, it’s freaking awesome album but this new one is like a giant leap to somewhere no one has gone before. This is not that traditional heavy-doom-psychedelic-space-stoner album, this album is something else and it’s going where ever it wants to go. Brilliant album and great job from Poisoned Mind Records (once again)! This version is limited to 92 copies and for your misfortune, it’s sold out. But don’t be afraid, you can still choose from two available version (or you can purchase both) that are available from mighty Poisoned Mind Records (and while visiting there you can also check those other awesome releases available) Arrghhhhhhh… I think I’ll faint



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