It didn’t took that much time to purchase this Youngblood Supercult’s album “High Plains” after I heard that second track “Monolith” via their BandCamp page. Thing I like the most is the atmosphere on this album, fuzzed bluesy stoner/retro/psych rock with damn good sounding vocals. Needless to say that I dig this album big time! This brilliant double album is available from D.H.U. Records. The color variation on the picture is called “Acid Tongue edition”, it’s D.H.U. exclusive limited to 90 copies and sadly it’s sold out by now. But don’t worry, there’s still black-colored copies (ltd. 150 copies) available from the source, D.H.U. Records. Recommended one!! And hey, if you’re gonna visit the site I suggest you to check it out thoroughly.

Must purchase this album also on digital format…


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