Aaaaargh! This freaking beauty arrived few days ago. Grajo and their self-titled debut(?) album released by one damn interesting label, DHU Records. I found this band & album just by accident when I was checking out that Youngblood Supercult’s album I wrote earlier about. What a way to start this year. I really, really, really (did I made myself clear?) dig this album. Perfect mix of space-stoner-psych-doom-rock. One thing I’m missing here, how in hell there’s still copies of this album left to purchase? This “Imperium” version is limited to 90 copies and I really suggest you to check this out no matter what color variation/format you choose. You know where to head at, DHU Records!

One thought on “Grajo: s/t LP (Imperium)

  1. I love the colors on the LP, so cool! I gave this one a listen but I’m afraid it’s a little too ‘doom’ for me. I really like space-stoner-psych-rock, but I like it to be more cosmic and groovy than dark and gloomy. With that in mind could you recommend anything that might be stoner-psych but “lighter” (if that makes sense?)

    By the way, I have discovered a lot by reading your blog, and would like to thank you for what you do. I bought Prophets of Saturn, Dead Feathers and Nathan Amundson “Western Songs” after reading your posts. Dead Feathers is totally my favorite.

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