The other album I bought along that Oranssi Pazuzu/Candy Cane split was this Aion Of Drakon by Saturnalia Temple. I have never heard of this band before.. I stood there at the store, wondering what this album is about.. obviously it has something to do with doom/metal/or something like that I found myself thinking. Then I just decided to purchase it because it didn’t cost that much. Have to admit that money (quite) well spent, I like this one. Been reading reviews of this record and I have noticed that this album is really sharing opinions in favor and against. This is a mezmerizing mixture of doomed occult/stoner.. weird one and that’s the reason I like it! Once again no idea about limitation and Discogs seems to be the place where to purchase a copy, if you are after one.



One thought on “Saturnalia Temple: Aion Of Drakon LP (purple)

  1. I agree it’s a bit stoner & doomy but it’s also repetitive (the track linked-to above). I kinda dig the vocalist though. It’s cool when he moans like Peter Murphy in Bauhaus but not when he grumbles in Cookie-Monster voice like every death-metal band. The album artwork has the obligatory satanic stuff on it: Evil pyramid eye, Hebrew numbers for 6 6 6, dripping blood, etc. It’s a banal piece of art as far as album covers go, kind of like how every Goth kid who dresses in black and shops at Hot Topic thinks he’s unique. I can see those kids from South Park sitting in Henrietta’s bedroom listening to this. The band needs to mature a bit. I mean Aion of Drakon sounds like the name of a Dungeons & Dragons character I made up when I was 12.

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