One more to go and my collection of Oranssi Pazuzu is complete. Kosmonument, Pazuzu’s third album (second if we don’t count that split with Candy Cane). My journey with Oranssi Pazuzu started with “Valonielu” (which is still their best album if you ask me) and Kosmonument was released few years earlier. Difficult album, disturbed blackened space/psychedelic metal and stories out of this realm. Limited to 500 copies in triple-fold cover. Really happy that I managed to get this one, in this condition. Beware Pazuzu, I’m after “Muukalainen Puhuu” now…

“Olen eksynyt ulottuvuuksiin
joissa Newtonin mekaniikka katoaa
aika ja etäisyys haarautuen
haihtuvat syvään pyörteeseen..”

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