Aaaaaarrrgghhhhh… Hell yes if I may say. Latest from one of my favorite (experimental) black (doomed) metal groups.  It was track “In The Midst Of Life, We Are In Death” from same titled album in 2011 when I came across with this band. I still remember listening that album repeatedly while visiting countryside at my aunt’s home (even listened it while picking some blueberries in a shady forest. Great album even though I have managed to listen it only few times now. This gold/black haze variation is limited to 100 copies and sold out within hours. There’s also amber.maroon/black haze version (ltd. 200) but that’s also sold out.. So if you are after this album you have to settle with regular black copy and those are available for example from Profound Lore or from Profound’s EU store (here’s a tip for all EU customers, if you wanna save some shipping costs I suggest you to purchase this from that US store.. or at least compare those shipping costs). Great album from the superior band!


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