Once again damn good release from STB Records, this time we are talking about Wounded Giant’s latest full-length “Vae Victis”. If you like your stoner/doom dirty & loud, this might be your thing (surely it’s mine) and og boys & girls I do like this record. I got to know about this band few years ago when STB released their split album with Goya but somehow it has been rarely under the needle in this household, and that’s a shame. I’m really excited about this one so I have to give that split release some turntable-time once again. This Die Hard edition is limited to 100 copies and as usual, those sold out quite fast. But don’t worry, there’s still few variants available from the source, STB Records (US) and Kozmik Artifactz (EU) has this red/white swirl version still available. Damn! I feel eeeeevil after listening this record.







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