The last couple of months I have been struggling by myself either to continue this blog or let it just fade away.. But then, what else would I do on my spare time? So I decided to continue this journey & spreading the word. Actually I ‘ll try to post something everyday just because I have received/purchased huge amount of excellent records during this time.

Let’s start with this latest by Beastmaker, album called “Inside The Skull”. Purchased their debut album about a year ago and loved that one (still loving it though) and now this new one. Well, damn good doomed stoner album in the spirit of Black Sabbath. It’s heavy as hell, groovy and I’m quite surprised they managed to produce another “Beast” this quickly. What else there’s to say? Try it. This “Die Hard” edition is limited to 100 copies and came with awesome poster (sold out). There’s still two other versions available, on transparent red vinyl (EU version) and on solid purple wax (US edition). Both versions still available from Rise Above. Go & get one for yourself.


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