the caretakerOX


Breaking the silence with this new one from The Caretaker. This is the second album from the series of six albums. Surely I know that this kind of music ain’t for everyone (dark ambient, classical, experimental) but it’s close to perfect if you ask me. I still remember hearing The Caretaker for the first time, I think it was via Boomkat because I immediately ordered a copy of  “An Empty Bliss Beyond This World”. Those soundscapes on that album were so familiar.. And suddenly I realized one film with similar music on the background of few scenes.. If you listen carefully, you might hear what I’m hearing..

Awesome record once again from The Caretaker (Leyland Kirby) and surely I’m going after those upcoming records. You can listen/purchase first two albums (digital versions) from this series via BandCamp. f you are after physical copies and don’t want to pay those Discogs prizes I suggest you to check out Forced Exposure (US), they seem to have some copies (on black wax) of available. Recommended!


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