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Black Bone Exorcism: Crack The Bone, Break The Heart 2xLP (“Heretic” edition)

black bone

It’s hard to find the way when you’re lost in the darkness. And here’s one freaking interesting record by Black Bone Exorcism, released by Dark Hedonistic Union Records (damn you DHU, you’re draining my savings). Music on this album is quite hard to describe, surely this ain’t black metal, doom or stoner even though I can hear some echoes from these genres here, what it is then? Can I hear some distant Neurosis influences.. don’t know but boys/girls, it’s intense, desperate, hopeless, dark and mos of all it’s rocking big time. Maybe you should check it out by yourself . This DHU “Heretic” exclusive (limited to 90 copies) is still available from DHU likewise that “Collapse” version which is limited to 150 copies. Brilliant album! Oh, actually I ordered that “Collapse” version because on the mock-up picture it looked amazing, but sometimes record plants can’t provide what they promise and thanks to DHU  for swapping it to his “Heretic” one.


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