Been waiting this record to be released/arrive soooo long and now I have it here with me.. Brume and their debut album “Rooster” released by one of my most favourite labels, DHU Records. Few years ago I purchased Brume’s twelve-inch EP “Donkey” and fell in love within a minute I placed the needle on the surface of that vinyl. This full-length only amplify that feeling. Great doom/stoner album, and for me it’s near religious experience (even though I’m not religious person) listening these tunes. Awesome package and when talking about packaging shipments, DHU is doing it the way other labels/stores should learn from. This copy of mine is “DHU exclusive version, limited to 100 numbered copies and there’s also 4 other color variations available from the source. And if you’re visiting DHU’s online store, I recommend you to check out label’s previous releases too. Once again I  kneel before you oh great & mighty DHU!


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