Here’s some Australian hard rock/occult/stoner/doom flavored with some Black Sabbath influences. This record is ment to be played LOUD. More I listen to this, more I like it. Funny thing nowadays is that all these bands playing vintage influenced hard rock/heavy metal are labeled right away as stoner/doom groups. Maybe that’s right but I can’t but Devil Electric on the same line for example with filthy, doomed Dopethrone. Anyways, this debut full-length from Devil Electric is a damn good rock album. This copy of mine is on red/black marbled vinyl, limited to 200 copies. Kozmik Artifactz released this also on red (200 copies) and on regular black (100 copies) vinyl. Red one is still available from the source, Kozmik Atrifactz and all versions can still be purchased from Greatest Hits Mailorder if you are interested.


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