killing joke

Please don’t throw rocks at me… This is my first album from Killing Joke. I blame Metallica that I have skipped this band till this very day. Metallica’s version of “The Wait” is.. well, not that good one. I bought this album few months ago from local record store, just because I thought that it’s time to check this band what they are all about. Damn you James & Comp. This band is awesome, how in hell I have managed to avoid this band for so long? Better later than ever. I have this list burned on the back of my cranium of bands I will never gonna listen, Killing Joke was on that list but not anymore. This regular black copy seems to be limited to 400 pieces and Discogs prizes are quite high, luckily I didn’t pay that much for this pristine copy. Love this record and gonna check all their previous albums fo sure! Shame on me..




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