Damn, just remember that I got this latest from Monolord months ago and haven’t said a word about it. Yes, I purchased this “poor man’s” semi die-hard version from Riding Easy Records (couldn’t afford to purchase neither that “Faux Leather” nor “Denim” version) and like I said it has been here with me sometimes now. This version was limited to 100 copies with some kind of printed extra cover (nice way to add some extra price to album..). Anyways, once again great release from this swedish trio (with some finnish blood). I have been following this group since their first release and seems that still they are going strong with their awesome mix of doomed/psyched stoner-sludge whatever you call it. There are so many color variations of this vinyl floating around so anyone interested of this album surely gets their copy. Available for example from the source, Riding Easy Records and various other places, like: Bengans, Bilbo, etc.


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