And here it is, the last LP record I received on 2017 (came just for the Christmas, few days earlier actually). Hmm.. am I experiencing de-ja vu here because I wrote a post of their previous album on 22nd of December last year.. but hey, I could use those very same words about this album too but I’m not that lazy. Very well, an excellent album once again and after listening this numerous & numerous times during this past week I’m certain that this is going to be on very top of my list of best purchases during 2017. Great combination of retro-psych-stoner-whatever-you-wanna-call-it and I’m smiling. Thanks to the great Dark Hedonistic Union Records for releasing & delivering this treasure to us all, we salute you! This color variation is DHU exclusive, limited to 90 copies and for those who did not get their hands on this treasure, The Company Records seems to have some red-colored copies (limited to 125) still available. Recommended, obviously :)


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