Few weeks have passed and I have been way too busy at work to even listen any of the new records that have arrived. Even though I should be sleeping at this moment I still want to say some words about this split album from Doomstress​/​Sparrowmilk. Both bands are new to me so this split is quite good way to get familiar with these artists. What it comes to Doomstress, sounds gooood… heavy as hell and I can even taste some 70’s here. Like the voice of the singer. Hmm, now I want some more. Then we come to Sparrowmilk. Never heard of this band before and freaking hell, this is instrumental doomed post-rock or something and hell yes I’m in love. Haven’t been listening instrumental music for some time and this one hit the goal right away. Awesome release from Dark Hedonistic Union Record, once again. This color variation (+ two other versions) of this split is limited to 90 pieces and still available from the source, DHU Records!


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