clouds taste satanic

I’ve known this band for some time now but it took quite long to purchase their music in physical format. Instrumental stoner/doom/sludge/call-it-whatever-you-want is quite new thing to me and I like it!. Like this so much that I must grab their previous records too. Great example how many great bands there is and how limited our time is to find all these treasures, some you might find and some you’ll obviously gonna miss. Really happy that I came across with this group. Ordered my copy via Kozmik Artifactz few weeks ago  and as far as I know this was their last colored one. Little hard to find item nowadays but Discogs can help you with that problem. If some one knows where to find a copy, any color variation, feel free to share. Recommended one.


One thought on “Clouds Taste Satanic: The Glitter Of Infinite Hell 2xLP (bone/bronze & gold oxblood splatter)

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