the red widows

This freaking damn good 12″ came with that latest Grajo album. Here we have a twelve-inch EP from The Red Widows. Unknown band to me but seems that DHU Records manages to surprise me release after release. Groovy 70s influenced stoner/doom rock with vocalist who has been kidnapped straight from the stars. This is good, more than good leaving me wonder when they are going to put out their full-length? This HU exclusive version is still available from the source, DHU Records Highly recommended one and if you don’t believe me, just check it out by yourselves. Hell yeah!! Pure DHU quality

Actually I ordered and got a copy some time ago but postal delivery managed to smash the cover (one corner of it). I uploaded a picture of that corner damage to my Facebook site, didn’t mention what record it was nor from what label it came. Didn’t took long from Robert to contact me and he wanted to send a replacement copy. I wanna point out here that I wasn’t after a new copy when I uploaded that image, I just wanted to show how postal delivery treat even most secured packages. So my humble thanks to Robert, I really appreciate this and know it!


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