death - symbolic

I’m not that good at purchasing re-issues but sometimes there is no other choice. My history with Death is confined to three albums, Leprosy, Spiritual Healing & Human. When this album appeared I was already moving forward in my adventures in the miraculous world of music. Few years back I started hoarding these treasures of my own time back and I found this masterpiece “again”. The fact was, however, that the original version was beyond my reach because of those prizes they are asking for it at Discogs & Ebay. Few months ago I found this re-issue via Discogs and was forced to order a copy (actually I bought black version but got white one instead). Since I heard “Leprosy” at the first time I knew that this band was (and still is) the king of its genre. Awesome album this surely is and have been spinning under the needle almost daily last few months. 

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