Holy shit what a killer release from this Australian stoner/doom outfit! Big thanks to Black Farm Records bringing this alive on vinyl format. This record is heavy and filled with hopeless darkness. Little do I know about this band but they have released two cassettes before this album (actually there’s two tracks included on this album from their previous cassette release “Women of The Wand”). This vinyl version is sold out but I suggest you to purchase that “regular” version from the source, Black Farm Records, while you still can. Made a mistake while purchasing this and didn’t remember to mention that I would like it to be shipped record and cover separated. It came shrink-wrapped and because of that there was seam-split on the cover. My bad, I admit my mistake. That mistake is now covered, I purchased that regular version and gonna swap the covers and give that splitted one to my friend who’s not that exact with condition of the covers. Problem solved and one new fan for the band.


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