“There’s no sunshine when she’s gone…” Well, this record hasn’t seen the sunshine and maybe it’s better that way. Raw & dirty, doomed stoner metal with creepy vocals. Band is Yatra and their debut album follows the name “Death Ritual”. I listened this album via BandCamp few times and find it interesting enough to spent some money on it. Darkened is the road they are following and I’m walking right behind. This album is released by Grimoire Records (US) and I purchased my copy via Sludgelord (EU). Have to thank Sludgelord about their honest way to contact customers beforehand informing cover damages that occurred when they got their copies (on the picture, note that the sticker is covering one corner of the cover..). I really appreciate this kind of honesty. Yeah, been also thinking of purchasing another copy straight from the band but in the other hand, why? I got the record with minor visual damage on the cover, I can live with that. Sludgelord has sold out copies they had but if you are still interested, support the band and head to their BandCamp site. Helvete!

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